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Welcome to Fan World - an amazing multi-national event by fans from many walks of life, dedicated to fans of every walk of life! Fan World is an event for fans of everything from video gaming to animation to comics to sci-fi and fantasy to tabletop gaming to everything we love about web culture! Fan World takes place from August 26-28, 2016 and is a 24-hour event priced BELOW $40 USD for the entire weekend!

Fan World is offering an Early Bird admission special of ONLY $30 USD for a limited time only! This offer expires June 15, 2016!

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Where is it located?

Fan World also takes place on BOTH sides of the international border, connecting the United States and Canada over the Rainbow Bridge overlooking the unparalleled natural wonder which is the Niagara Falls! If you are registered with Fan World, your admission covers your full access to the venues on BOTH sides of the border - both venues of which consist of their own exhibitors hall, gaming areas, and events locations. With only a TEN MINUTE walk over one of the most picturesque locations on Earth, both venues are readily accessible to all fans, but you will still have the opportunity to peruse the exhibitors' hall and meet all of the celebrity guests on both sides of the border!


The first hotel block is now open, and pre-registration is expected to open this evening! You may now call 1-800-777-2280 to book a room at the Day's Inn in Niagara Falls, NY for our lowest hotel block rate of $139/night USD. The rooms are limited, so get them while you can! Indoor pool, wifi, and parking! Just remember to mention FAN WORLD when you book to reserve your room from August 26-28, 2016 at our low rate!

Interested in a Canadian side hotel! Prices under $150 CAD and even as low as $106.56! We recommend the Travelodge which is right next to the Fan World venue! Make sure to use the following CORPORATE ID in your search: 1000012543

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