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Attention Artists of Fan World!

ARTIST ALLEY APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN - however, ONLY for those looking to sell on the American side at this time!

Thank you for your patience. Our Artists' Alley for Fan World 2018 is now open! Tables are $95 USD and include two (2) admissions for Fan World and its Artists' Alley. In order to apply, please follow these steps:

1. Complete the Artists' Alley application in its entirety, and submit at the bottom. This form may be found at:

Apply Here

2. Complete deposit by sending full payment to using Paypal, along with your studio name and email address. An application is not considered completed until the application and payment are received in full. An artist may request a copy of their application form by emailing Please note: We recommend each artist requests a table in the country where they otherwise legally conduct their business. Artists are responsible for all state, provincial, and/or national tax claims. Whereas we will accept artists who wish to procure tables in the other countries (eg. An American wishing to sell at our Canadian venue), due to challenges ranging from international tax registrations and foreign business permits to border crossings with merchandise we encourage avoiding unnecessary legal encumbrances where avoidable. In the event an artist wishes to sell internationally Fan World may provide business and/or tax forms, but are not obligated to do so. For legal purposes concerning artists seeking domestic or international tables, Fan World may also request copies of business or tax IDs before any table may be claimed.

Thank you, and welcome to Fan World!