Fan World presents: Canada's SUPER SATURDAY!

Fan World: 2017 will take place July 21-23, 2017 - that's three days of fun at Niagara Falls on the U.S. side! HOWEVER, due to costs and previous considerations we will be scaling back the Canadian side to be officially scheduled ONLY for Saturday, July 22.

For fans only wishing to enjoy Fan World on Saturday, July 22, 2017 and ONLY at the Canadian venue, there will be a special admission rate of only $25.00 CAD - yes, in Canadian currency - for fans for that day!

Here are the points:

  1. This is a move decided specifically to not raise the admission costs for Fan World, and to avoid other logistical issues with venue scheduling. It is unavoidable overall.
  2. While we will be inviting a select few artists and exhibitors for that Saturday, we will not have a dedicated vendors' room. Until we have grown a little larger we will not dedicate a room to vendors until we are sure they will be successful.
  3. Most - if not all - celebrity guests will be on the Canadian side for that Saturday for some appearance. The American side will have GREAT programming with more panels and workshops for all three days, but the Canadian venue will have what we are calling a "Super Saturday" because many highlight events will be there for that day!
  4. Admission for the Canadian side WILL of course be covered by Fan World: 2017 registration, but a special "Canada Only" admission will be available (at a lower cost, of course) which will give fans ONLY access to the Canadian venue for Saturday. As Canadian fans, you will have many affordable options - and you won't miss out on the celebrity guests!
  5. Currently, Fan World: 2017 is expecting to return to the Hard Rock Club, which was host to the main events from last year ranging from celebrity panels to the successful Promstuck dance!
  6. The water park, arcades, Ferris Wheel, tourist sites, Bird Kingdom, bars and dance clubs, etc. will be more than enough to provide fans with many great things to do the rest of the weekend if they are unable to cross the border for whatever reason. Remember: We find most fans who think they can not cross the border may actually not entirely understand what customs requires, so be sure to review our BORDER CROSSING page and you may very well find you can cross even without a Passport! We have already advertised some major discounts and special offers at these resorts for our fans! There is a LOT to do at the Bucket List location that is the Niagara Falls! Otherwise, we intend to also have other events around the resort on Friday and/or Sunday, including cosplay photo shoots, fan meet-ups, and even a large cosplay picnic.
  7. Concerts will mostly be on the American side for many logistical reasons. HOWEVER, not only do we intend to host a large dance event again on the Canadian side this year (similar to the Promstuck event of 2016), but we have some gears turning to have a special Canada-only concert and celebrity guest(s) for Super Saturday. While those only on the Canadian side may miss out on a few things on the American side, vice versa will be true!
  8. This is in NO WAY evidence of our declining interest or dedication in the Canadian venue or its fans. We are EXTREMELY dedicated to bringing the best to fans from both nations - and the world altogether. Super Saturday may be only one day of actual programmed events, but it will be an epic all-day party with celebrity guests (eg. The Mystery Skulls official panel, the big Voice Actors panel, the big dance, etc.), some featured artists and exhibitors, and the beautiful Hard Rock Club overlooking Oakes Theater and the Falls! After all - it's not everyday a convention's main events room has a dedicated bar and Hard Rock Cafe wait staff so you may eat, drink, and be merry during panels!

Thanks for the understanding, everyone! We will make sure this Super Saturday is filled with so many celebrities, amazing sights and sounds, and unforgettable memories for our fans! Obviously the greater fun is taking advantage of all three days on both sides, but we're making sure to provide our Canadian fans an excellent, affordable opportunity to enjoy Fan World: 2017 in the greatest way we possibly can.

Do you have any questions? Please email us at: