This year’s event will consist of two segments: skits and walk-ons. The event will begin with the skits and be judged by a panel of judges based on the content of the performances. While the presentation judges are making their decisions, the walk-ons will have the runway to themselves to show off their work. Having already been judged for their craftsmanship prior, this is their opportunity to show off their stuff!

Registration will be done by two ways (not including youth entries):
First, there will be an online registration for the first twenty masquerade entries. These entries MUST be for skits regardless of whether you want them entered for craftsmanship judging or not.


Second, there will be ten openings at the convention for skits. There will be a maximum of thirty skits. Any and all cancellations must be made prior to the convention. All walk-on registrations will register at this time, as well. If you are already registered for the masquerade from online, the team leader MUST be present for a mandatory check-in. Due to people’s different arrival times, we only require the team leader to be available on Friday for check-in. This lets us know if there will be any cancellations we will have to fill while others are trying to enter the event. In other words, you must be there. This at-con registration will most likely take place on Friday. Further details are to be announced.

Youth entries will be asked to register at-con on Saturday. There will be five entries allocated for the youth level.

All entrants are asked to be walk-ons if they are alone and have no skit plans. In other words, we’d like to keep the skit time slots saved for serious skit entries - especially since there are a limited amount of entries. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation regarding this.

Lastly, all craftsmanship contestants MUST ALL be in costume at the craftsmanship judging session, which will probably be on Saturday prior to the masquerade (specific times will be announced).


  1. Youth: This is for contestants of the age 12 and under.
  2. Novice: This is for contestants who have never won any awards in a masquerade. This does not include hall costuming awards.
  3. Journeyman: This is for contestants who have won from one to four masquerade awards. Regardless of whether these awards have been judges’ awards or best-in-show, this is the range for this level of skill. Again, hall costuming awards are omitted. Only masquerade awards, whether presentation or craftsmanship, will be considered.
  4. Master: This is for contestants who have won five or more masquerade awards. Regardless of whether these awards were pertaining to craftsmanship or presentation, this is the prerequisite for this top level.

Also, your level of skill for your entry must match or exceed the highest level of skill of any of your contestants. For example, if your entire group is a novice except one member being a journeyman, your group MUST enter under the journeyman level (or the master level if you choose). You may also compete at a rank higher than your own.


Walk-ons are expected to go on and exit the stage within fifteen to twenty seconds. If you have a pose, that’s awesome, but don’t expect to be able to make speeches, for example. That’s more along the lines of a skit. Otherwise, the following time schedule has been created for skits with different amounts of members:

These time limits WILL be enforced, so plan ahead in being able to enter the stage with props and set up, along with being able to vacate the stage with everything brought onto it. We strongly recommend pre-recorded skits to help time management, because time truly flies when you’re on stage.



  1. Pre-recorded skits are ENCOURAGED. Only Cd & MP3s submissions will be accepted and must be received by the Friday check-in or submitted ahead of time by email. The CDs should only have one track. Clearly write the entry leader’s name on the CD, along with skit number when that becomes known. The form filled out at check-in will have further details regarding this.
  2. Skits are recommended to be short and to the point. Rehearse in front of somebody that has no idea what you are doing to test how effective it is. A common mistake is to stretch out an idea and make it drag on. Don’t be that guy! Keep it as concise as necessary, and it’s recommended that skits account for laughter and applause.
  3. Fill out all paperwork to its utmost completion. Failure doing so could hinder our ability to adequately judge.
  4. Dishonesty regarding personal information, costume creation, etc. will not be tolerated. Dishonesty risks disqualification and may even affect one’s ability to enter future Fan World masquerades.
  5. Reference material (art books, color print-outs, manga, etc) is required for ALL craftsmanship judging. Laptops and cell phones with reference material are an acceptable source, but we will not be responsible for them in any way. All reference material must be present at craftsmanship judging, regardless of costumes’ obscurity.
  6. Practice time for skit rehearsal will be later announced, but expect to be able to practice your skit (along with music, light requests, etc.) on Saturday.
  7. Karaoke has a time and a place. If singing or lip syncing is the vast majority or entirety of your skit, try adding another element to make your skit different . For example, three cosplayers coming on stage to do nothing but do a song and a little dance routine may find a better place in the karaoke room or entering our idol competition. Again, ask to make sure.
  8. No costume, still, is no costume. If in doubt, cover it up.
  9. Creators of registered costumes must be present at time of craftsmanship judging - even if they are not wearing it/them. It is acceptable that one person wears a costume that someone else made and gets it judged for craftsmanship as long as the costume’s creator is present at the time of judging. Otherwise, purchased or borrowed costumes should be saved for presentation in skits. Also, if your costume has won any award (judge’s award, masquerade award, hall costuming award, etc.), do not enter it in craftsmanship at all. In the event of a group where one costume has won and award and the others have not, every costume can be judged for craftsmanship except the award-winning one. Otherwise, they are all generally allowable for presentation consideration.
  10. Everyone is expected to perform at a PG-13 rating. Making vague criticisms of Lina Inverse’s chest size is one thing, but holding up signs with unacceptable pictures, words, etc. will not be acceptable. If in doubt, keep it out of your skit or email us to double-check.
  11. All participants in the masquerade under the age of 16 require a parent or guardian signature at check-in. This is especially true for youth level entrants.
  12. Maximum number of entrants per group (especially when it comes to maximum limit of contestants on stage at any given time) will be announced in time. This will be determined by the structural integrity of the stage, area in which to move around, fire marshal regulations, etc.
  13. If you take it on stage, it leaves with you off stage. This is another courtesy rule that should not need further emphasis. Clean all messes left on stage.
  14. Banned props and effects will coincide with the convention's general rules. Weapons deemed unsafe, live steel, flash paper, fireworks, etc. are banned. Any sort of acrobatics, sword-fighting, tumbling, etc. must be approved by the masquerade coordinator prior to the masquerade. We will make the decision as to whether we feel you are safe and responsible or an insurance liability.
  15. Do not expect to leave luggage unattended at the masquerade. There’s nobody to watch luggage while a group is performing. Fan World will not accept any responsibility for lost or damaged personal belongings.
  16. The cosplay contest coordinator has final say in all circumstances and disputes and may change the rules at any time if necessary.
  17. Eat, drink, and use the bathroom ahead of time. Bringing emergency repair kits (thread, needles, glue guns, etc.) may not be a bad idea. Lastly, have fun! You labored for several hours/days/weeks making these costumes and planning these skits. Judges love to see energy and a smile! This is your time in the limelight. Make the most of it!

DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? Please email our masquerade coordinator at: