Fan World will be bringing many great events to its fans this August! From cosplay panels and contests, to tabletop- and video-gaming tournaments, to fan panels and guest speaking engagements - here are just a very few opportunities of what Fan World will be bringing Niagara this summer!

Best F(r)iends - Movie Premier

Join guest of honor, Greg Sestero, for the premier of his new movie with Tommy Wiseau - Best F(r)iends! For the first time in 16 years these two will be reunited on the big screen - and you can be there as we bring history to Niagara Falls! Mr. Sestero will also be hosting the premier and will offer a Q&A!

When a drifter (Greg Sestero) befriends a quirky mortician (Tommy Wiseau), an unlikely business partnership is formed. Paranoia soon develops, however, and both men are forced to come to terms with the fragility of friendship and loyalty. You're tearing me apart!

The festivities begin aft 5:00pm on Sunday, July 8, 2018. The location is the Rapids Theater (1711 main St. in Niagara Falls, NY) VIP tickets available!


THE ROOM Live Script Read with Greg Sestero - and "Making of" Documentary

The Room - Can you really trust anyone? Well you can trust Fan World: 2018 to offer fans the opportunity of a lifetime - reading lines from the legendary script with Greg Sestero! Fans will be able to live out their football-tossing, script overreacting, spoon-filled fantasies on Saturday evening!

BONUS - After the live script reading, join Greg Sestero as he premiers his rarely seen documentary of the making of THE ROOM. First seats will be given to Pre-Registered attendees for Fan World: 2018.

A Culinary Song of Fire and Ice

You are invited to join Fan World: 2018 and the Culinary Institute of Niagara Falls on July 7, 2018 at 1:00pm as celebrity voice actors J. MICHAEL TATUM and BRANDON McINNIS share the fine art of making BANANAS FOSTER!

Under the guidance of chef Emily Lonigan; watch as the epic powers of flames, liquid nitrogen, and improvised fun create these amazing desserts to be shared with everyone in the audience! That's right! The voice of the butler, Sebastian, from the animated hit BLACK BUTLER will help make these delicious dreams come true for the fans!

There is strict LIMITED SEATING of only 90 tickets available - so don't hesitate! Tickets are AVAILABLE HERE!

$20 USD ($15 USD with 3-Day admission to Fan World: 2018)

Anyone with a 3-Day admission to Fan World: 2018 will be reimbursed their $5 at the conclusion of this event. See you - and your sweet tooth - there!

Please also follow the EVENT PAGE for more!

The Fan World: 2018 NERF War

Old Falls Street. Dusk. Streaks of orange separating victory from defeat.

Fan World: 2018 is bringing back the popular Nerf War on Saturday evening. We shut down the street. Our staff manages the game state. Are you a tiger or a target?

Games to be played include Capture the Flag, Manhunt, and Free-For-All.

Escape Niagara - Escape Rooms

Fan World: 2018 is happy to again provide attendees with an Escape Room! We are happy the The Conference & Event Center Niagara Falls now neighbors Western NY's largest escape complex - Escape Niagara!

Whether you are escaping Al Capone's Speakeasy or surviving the zombie apocalypse, they will offer Fan World attendees 20% discounts during the weekend!

Vodka and Twitch (21+)

We are happy to host Vodka and Twitch at Fan World: 2018. They will be hosting their live streaming during the weekend, and bringing fans events such as the "Survival Horror Picture Show" game show!

Vodka and Twitch is a group of friends who like to drink. And who like to game. And who like to put the two together while streaming to share the experience with all of their friends.

Learn more at:

For more art from Trystan check out:

For more art from Bekki check out:

Please note: Obviously Fan World and its affiliated do not advocate drinking and ask everyone to have fun all weekend by making responsible decisions!


Join Fan World's celebrity voice actors for stories, lessons, and a Q&A about their experiences voice acting, the world of voice acting, and the adventures they've had!


Steel must be heated well over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit in order to be formed. Each piece is one-of-a-kind as it is handmade. Most items are forged from reclaimed metal. If you would like to learn more, look no further than Fan World: 2018 where an experienced blacksmith will be on hand to showcase the wonderful world of forging, melding, and this art of what seems like magic and alchemy!

Colin Corcoran is an amateur blacksmith, learning the craft as he makes works of art. He’s been blacksmithing since 2016 and enjoys turning old metal objects into functional pieces and household items. We can't wait to see what he has in store for this July!


Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator lets you turn your living room into the bridge of a spaceship. You and your friends assume the jobs of Captain, Helm, Science, Communication, Engineering, and Weapon Control. Together you operate your ship and defend the sector from evil aliens.

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