Making her AMERICAN PREMIER, Fan World: 2018 is proud to introduce our Intercontinental Cosplay Guest of Honor: Calssara! After she regretfully had to cancel her 2017 appearance due to serious health matters, she has fully recovered and is psyched to make her U.S. premier in 2018!

Calssara is a cosplayer from Germany who loves to cosplay since 2004. She was Germany's representative for World Cosplay Summit (WCS) in 2009 and 2011. Also she represented her country in the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG), one of the biggest European cosplay competitions that takes place in Paris on Japan Expo, and won the champion title in 2012 for her country with her Saber costume from Fate/Stay Night.

Calssara visited already 33 countries (Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerlnd, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom) on 3 continents with her costumes as cosplay judge, panelist and messenger.

In real life she is a librarian, event manager and passionate tea drinker. She is a very social and happy person who loves to meet new friends and supports cosplayers all over the world.

Photo by Pugoffka


Haruvamp is a German cosplayer who has been recently living in Connecticut! She has been an active and professional cosplayer for over 17 years! She has competed in most major German cosplay competitions, and even Japan Expo in Paris! More recently she has competed in for the World Cosplay Summit title in the U.S. She has been a guest judge at many conventions including Anime Boston, Camp Anime, Rhode Island Comic Con, Super Mega Fest, and many more.

She has been featured in many books, calendars, and magazines such as “1000 Incredible Cosplays,” “The Cosplay Book,” “Cosplay in America," “Konneko,” “ and "Animania” to name a few! Cosplay is her passion, but also helping others. She does a lot of charity work, including Charity walks and helping out with Autism Awareness! She recently was featured in a calendar shoot with other passionate cosplayers to support a Wolf Den!

She can’t wait to meet everyone at Fan World!


Akane Saotome Cosplay is a veteran East Coast cosplayer with 15 years in the cosplay scene! She has accumulated over 100 costumes, and won multiple craftsmanship and performance awards from various competitions. She has judged cosplay at events including Anime Boston, Otakon, and even the World Cosplay Summit! She has also been featured on many websites, geek/cosplay podcasts, videos, magazines for her cosplays, and is a bag designer for the medical field!


PockyPrincessDarcy Cosplay is a veteran East Coast cosplayer of 18 years! She has won 25+ awards for craftsmanship and performance in competitions across the continent She has judged at Anime Boston, Otakon, Anime Next, Youmacon, Another Anime Convention, and many more. She has also been the MC for Anime Next's and Another Anime Convention's masquerade.

She is the mascot of independent comic, Chaotic Kiss, and was even the original mascot for Anime Boston - A-chan! Her passion is for anime and everything shoujo! She boasts over 200 self-made costumes, is an experienced figure skater, artist, and knows everything lolita and Fairy Kei!

Have a question or idea for the lolita community at Fan World? Email her now at: lolita@fanworld.us


Murderdoll Ivy is a cosplayer, costumer and alternative model from Florida. She loves to get out and cosplay at different conventions and events in Florida and beyond. After working 11 years as a teacher, she switched the classroom for the convention scene!

Some of her favorite characters to cosplay are Jessica Rabbit, Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers, Pennywise, Sombra from Overwatch and Kratos from God of War. She creates her costumes using different materials, and also enjoys working with special effects makeup and painting.

Murderdoll Ivy is a true believer that cosplaying is for everyone. Through her cosplays and body-positive message, she's helped and encouraged people to be more confident and try different techniques that would help them better their cosplays and use cosplaying as an alternative to improve their lifestyle. She's participated as a guest and panelist for different conventions, comic shop events, kids' cosplay events; and she’s also been featured in podcasts, magazines and local news, such as Cosplayzine and Orlando Sentinel.

You can see all her work, photos, and blogs at:


When Breathelifeindeeply started Teachers' College, she initially believed she would “give up all things anime and become a respectable adult.” Instead, that same year she started an anime club, took her students to Anime North, and started cosplaying with fervor without ever looking back! Her cosplay emphasizes intricate detail with the goal of recreating the character as accurately as possible. As an homage to her favourite anime and video game series, she is known for cosplaying classics such as Terra from Final Fantasy 6, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Lodoss War, Castlevania and Evangelion amongst many others. [You may also be familiar with her from her Star Trek commercial appearance on the Space Channel, or when her favourite cosplayer, Kamui Cosplay, featured her in her blog post “When Someone Cosplays Your Childhood.”]

After winning 1st place in Culture Toronto’s Cosplay Contest, she was scouted to host their subsequent Foolish for Ghibli events as one of their Culture Ambassadors. She passionately believes that cosplay is a character-developing hobby and she uses her enthusiasm and expertise in costume and prop creation to spread the joy of the craft throughout the GTA!

Look forward to her cosplay panels, including sword-marking!

Candy Heart Cosplay

Candy Heart Cosplay is an award winning cosplayer who began making costumes in 2010. Based out of Pittsburgh, she specializes in detail work, working with unusual materials, and making ball gowns! Candy travels to various conventions along the East Coast throughout the year and looks forward to the multinational adventure of Fan World: 2018!

Candy has a flair for the unusual and prefers redesigning characters to suit her more... extravagant cosplay style! When developing new designs for anime and video game characters, she draws inspiration from high fashion designs to create visually appealing and unique outfits. Some of her favorite past masterpieces include her original carousel ball gown and Elle (Legend of Mana). Other cosplays she’s done are Yuzuruha (Muramasa: The Demon Blade), Suiren (Adekan), Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon), Princess Shirahoshi (One Piece), and many more!

When she’s not in cosplay, Candy enjoys relaxing in her pink pastel apartment and catching up with some of her favorite anime (currently Darling in the Franxx). She works as a freelance designer and independently studies fashion design and marketing. Her love of fashion greatly influences her style and pushes her to always try new things as a cosplayer. She can't wait to meet fans and experience the cosplay wonderland of Niagara Falls!


Focsee is a Rochester native cosplayer who has been attending east coast and some Canadian conventions for 6 years. She is returning to Fan World for her third year, where she also organizes great events for cosplayers and fans!

Focsee works in medical science and gets her artistic and creative fix by cosplaying as a hobby. She attends and helps out with local cons and events as a guest, panelist and sometimes contest judge - but prefers entertaining over competing. Most known for her Homestuck cosplays in the past, she is a fandom-diverse cosplayer who cosplays from a variety of different media. Her favorite parts of cosplaying are photoshoots, spending time with friends, and trying new restaurants in other cities.