Do you (and your crew) have the synchronized moves? The look? The "It" factor which makes you a superstar? Enter alone or in a group! Let's show Fan World: 2018 - and the fandom community - you are idols!


  1. Only Japanese canon (true to the source) idol characters may participate, such as those from reali life idol groups, anime, and video game sources. Maybe you are an 80's shoujo idol like Minky Momo or Creamy Mami. Maybe you remember love as a Macross idol like Lynn Minmay, Nekki Basara, or Sheryl Nome. Maybe you perform as an idol group like in Love Live or Id@lmaster, or as SMAP and AKB0048 do.
  2. You may choose to sing live or perform with lip syncing. Be warned - There are higher points for on-key vocals and perfect lip syncing!
  3. This is not a craftsmanship competition. Bought or commissioned cosplay/costumes are allowed. You will mainly be judged on your overall presentation, such as matching wigs to the character and having a polished look! How well do you portray the character you are cosplaying? Bring your character to life with your words, your mannerisms, and actions!
  4. Competitors will be placed into one of two categorie: Groups and Individuals.
  5. Music time limit is 3 minutes. Make sure your song matches the character and try to keep it canon! For example, many audio formats are permitted, so please email us for more.

Do you wish to enter? Email us before June 20, 2018 at: