Welcome to Fan World!

Fan World: 2017 pre-registration is now OPEN! It is only $30 USD for a full 3-day weekend of fun, guests, and memories for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! The first number of pre-registrants will also receive one of our limited edition FAN WORLD DICE. This makes not only a great souvenir, but will be constantly used throughout Fan World weekend for chances to win fun prizes and/or opportunities with events, guests, or maybe even concerts!

To apply now visit our REGISTRATION PAGE to join the adventure that is "Fandom's first multi-national convention!"

Also please keep in mind our hotel block is still open under our LOCATION page, and vendors tables and booths are also still open (but are filling fast)!

Christopher Robin Miller

"Making Mochi with Professor Layton" with voice actor Christopher Robin Miller!

The special LIMITED SEATING event will be at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute (across the street from the U.S. conference center) on Saturday, July 22nd from 1:00pm - 2:30pm.

REGISTER NOW because seats are VERY limited. Follow these steps:

  1. You must be pre-registered for Fan World: 2017 first. Seats first go to those already confirmed as attending the convention.
  2. Seats are $16 USD, which cover the food, preparation, event, and professional chef the culinary institute provides. Fan World: 2017 does not keep any of this cost as we have negotiated to keep the prices as low as possible for the event. Send Paypal payments (and your full name) for reservations to payments@fanworld.us and have fun!
  3. Have fun and eat mochi!


It is with no small honor Fan World: 2017 is excited to introduce Konami composer AKIRA YAMAOKA and The Silent Hill Band!

Akira's credits include Contra: Hard Corps and Shattered Soldier, Rumble Roses, No More Heroes 2, Rebuild of Evangelion, Lollipop Chainsaw, Shadows of the Damned, etc.

However. you certainly know him as creating the music for SILENT HILL 1, 2, 3, 4, Origins, Homecoming, Revelation 3D, and Shattered Memories! He was also the Executive Producer and composer of the Silent Hill live action film starring Sean Bean (who actually survived!).

Akira was the first to deliver a total horror game experience through disturbing tunes and unearthly sounds. His later works expanded outside the gaming world, such as Japan's major TV drama “The Rules of a Great Detective" and other various project.

Akira will travel from Japan to appear live, meet fans and, of course, perform with his Silent Hill Band in a legendary concert experience of a lifetime!

Welcome to Fan World!

Electronic music mastermind, MYSTERY SKULLS, will be performing LIVE at Fan World! Expect the chance to meet, get an autograph, and enjoy the official MYSTERY SKULLS panel! Learn more at THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE!

Welcome to Fan World!

Pre-registration opens Monday, April 17th for the limited time rate of $30 USD! This registration covers admission to all three days at Fan World - including Super Saturday on our Canadian side and the Mystery Skulls concert and events!

As an LIMITED TIME BONUS, pre-registration also awards fans one of our LIMITED SUPPLY of customized Fan World 6-sided dice! In addition with making a great souvenir, these dice will be used throughout Fan World weekend for the chance to win prizes, special access or event privileges, etc.! Only first-comers get this bonus!

This year's Fan World will be held on July 21-23, 2017. So grab some friends, get planning, and we'll see you there!

Do you want to host any workshops, panels, or other events at Fan World: 2017? It's now open until May 2017!

Apply Here

Where is Fan World located?

Fan World takes place on BOTH sides of the international border, connecting the United States and Canada over the Rainbow Bridge overlooking the Bucket-list natural wonder which is the Niagara Falls! Enjoy the CONFERENCE & EVENTS CENTER at NIAGARA FALLS (and local hotel venues) on the American side and the FALLS AVENUE RESORT on the Canadian side! If you are registered as a Fan World attendee your admission covers your full access to the venues on BOTH sides of the border! With only a 10 MINUTE walk over one of the most picturesque locations on Earth, both venues are readily accessible to all fans!

Each venue has its perks! There are several free parking options around the American venue, but the Canadian venue also has the FALLS AVENUE WATERPARK inside and the aviary - BIRD KINGDOM - only a five minute walk away! Both sides have massive 24-hour casinos just seconds away from our venues, beautiful park areas for tourism or cosplay photography, MANY convenient food and shopping options, and - of course - myriad unparalleled viewing locations over, under, and around the Niagara Falls! If you've never seen the Niagara Falls and its amazing recent improvements, there is no better time to travel out to do so than during Fan World!


The U.S. HOTEL BLOCK is now available at the Red Maple Inn! From its locations to its conveniences to its price, there are many things to like about it:

$275.00 USD TOTAL (Taxes and fees included) for both nights (July 21 and July 22). There will be no single-night offers for those dates because of limited rooms available (~30). If anyone wishes to add Thursday or Sunday night, the cost for Fan World attendees will ONLY be $100/night for each night (only with the reservation of Fri+Sat).

Call now at: (716) 285-7316 to reserve! Fan World guests may call our hotel directly to book under the "Fan World Room Block." Guests may begin booking the rooms IMMEDIATELY. You will need a valid credit card to be placed on file to hold the reservation and it will not be charged until arrival. At such a low rate, strongly consider booking Thursday and Sunday nights to see the sights and enjoy our special Sunday programming! RESERVE NOW! These rooms WILL fill quickly.

Canadian side hotel options will be updated soon as we make our Canadian venue announcements! Coming from Canada? Maybe consider the American hotel block and also enjoy free parking and other conveniences!

For live updates, please follow us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK!