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Board Game FAQ

Q: What is needed to check out a game?
A: All you need is your Fan World “QR Badge” and a desire to have FUN!

Q: Do you have any examples of what games you have available?
A: We have such a huge selection of games that we can’t provide a full list but we have categories ranging from family (such as Dixit), well known favorites (Settlers of Catan), large group games (such as Ultimate Werewolf), Dexterity games (such as Dungeon Fighter), party games (such as Codenames), deduction games (such as Mysterium), hidden role games (such as Avalon), to bluffing games (such as Sheriff of Nottingham) just to name a few.

Q: Can we bring our own game to play?
A: Absolutely! We want everyone to have fun.

Q: Will there be anyone there so we don’t need to read rules?
A: We will have staff there that will know most, if not all of the games, and will be more than happy to teach the rules so you won’t have to. At such a great convention, who wants to waste time reading rules!

Q: What if I don’t have a group of people to play games with?
A: There will be plenty of games being played that it will be easy to jump into games and have a great experience meeting new friends.