Cosplay Contest

How to sign up
Cosplay Contest sign ups will take place Friday night and Saturday morning/afternoon at the Cosplay Registration Table. For 2016, the event will take place on the American side, on the Conference & Events Center at Niagara Falls' Main Events stage! If you wish to participate in the Cosplay Contest you must sign up before the start of the event. When you sign up you will be informed when and where craftsmanship pre-judging sessions will take place if you so choose to enter that category. All entries must report to the Green Room one hour before the start of the contest. This is where we go over what everyone needs to do and make sure we have their introductions and music correct so it is very important to be there! All those participating MUST be present at the required times or they will be counted as a no-show and be disqualified.

How Pre-Judging works
There will be a block reserved for pre-judging on Saturday for 2 hours. Entries will be judged in the order they arrive(first come, first served). Each entry will be given a maximum of 5 minutes with the judges. Groups will be given an additional 5 minutes. Be prepared to talk about how you made your costume. All entries are strongly encouraged to bring reference material. Not all judges know all characters, so it helps to bring a color picture (or several) if at all possible.

You may enter one of the following categories-

This category is based on how well you made your costume. You must have made at least 70% of your costume from scratch and be willing to participate in pre-judging. Costumes that have won any awards for craftsmanship previously may NOT be entered in the Craftsmanship category. Craftsmanship entries are encouraged to join the Walk Ons on stage but we realize not everyone enjoys the spotlight so it is not requited.

Walk On
Walk-Ons will be given 30 seconds to strut their stuff and strike their poses. Show off your costume and wow the audience! Audio will be provided. Anyone in cosplay may enter!

Skits are perfect for showing off your talents! If you wish to do something more than walk across the stage this is the category for you! Each skit will be given up to three and half minutes but is not required to use the full time. Skits are encouraged to have pre-recorded audio.

If you are confused about any of the contest rules please email the contest coordinator at for clarification.