Fan World: 2017 Fan Panels and Events!

Here are a list of this year's panels, events, and workshops hosted by fans like you! You may also check out the schedule at:

Or So the Story Goes

"Or So the Story Goes" is an award winning horror web series that utilizes kids & teens in not only the cast, but also the crew and soundtrack. Each season brings to life a classic children's tale with a dark, modern twist. This season- a teen slasher based on "Rumpelstiltskin." Preview the series and discuss building a web series with members of the cast and crew, concluding in a game of fairy tale trivia (with prizes)!


Are you a plastic instrument enthusiast dying to show off your skills? Maybe you're a beginning looks to learn and have fun? Swing on by the FanJam 2017 room for our Rock Band freeplay – and even some tournaments!

May the Farce be With You!

With both Family Guy and Robot Chicken episodes devoted to poking fun at the Star Wars trilogy, lovingly parodying the 7+ movies has been a staple for as long as they have been around. What are some of the best examples (as well as satirizing other sci fi series)?

Greatest Sci Fi / Fantasy Music

With the great John Williams in semi retirement, who is the future of film composing? What are your favourite film and tv scores?

Fandom Mad Libs

It's Mad Libs, but all the answers are from your favorite fandoms!

Pokemon Sun/Moon Battle Royal Tournament

Ready for some Pokemon Free-For-All? Then bring over your copy of Pokemon Sun or Moon and prepare for a Battle Royal. Players will enter in a Round Robin tournament in the Battle Royal rule-set, where players compete in a 4 way, free-for-all, battle to get the most knock-outs. If you can get the most knock-outs without losing your Pokemon throughout the entire tournament you win. A Pokemon will be given out to the winner so bring your best 'Mons and see if you can survive the frenzy. Team building rules: -Aloha 'dex Pokemon only (aka must be a species of Pokemon you can find in the Sun and Moon games minus those from Island Scan) - No Pokemon labeled Legendary or Mythical allowed - You can have up to one Ultra Beast or Tapu in your team (not both) - No mega stones, Z-Crystals allowed

Cosplay Fan Meet-up

Like to cosplay? Cosplaying fan? Then this is the panel to visit. The goal of this panel is to allow cosplayers to meet up at one place so we have a large, free, casual group photo-shoot and learn more about each other. All guest are welcome to attend whether your cosplay is from a lesser known series, an OC, or not in cosplay at all but want to meet-up with other cosplay fans. We will meet in the room assigned, have a short open discussion about our history with cosplay and then decide where to go for the photoshoot. So please arrive early if you don't want to miss the group photoshoot. Bring your own props (as long as they follow convention rules), whether or not you are in cosplay, for extra, goofy fun.

Amiibo Hang-out

Do you love Amiibo or want to learn more about what they are? Then come on over to the Amiibo Hang-out, where you'll learn more about the background behind amiibo and get to meet up with fellow amiibo fans. There will be discussion on the impact Amiibo have had on NFC history, as well as learn more about the art of custom amiibo. Who knows? You may even be able to see a couple in person.

Lolita 101 & Fashion Show

Learn about the fashion that originated in Japan, but has become a fashion phenomenon all over the world. Also we will talk about each style within lolita and a fashion show to show examples.

Lolita Tea Party & Swap Meet

Formal lolita attire required for tea party. Bring anything j-fashion related to sell or swap. Will set up the room for a swap meet after tea.

Yuri!!! On The Falls

H.C. Productions proudly presents out first ever Yuri!!! on Ice panel! Come and ask your favorite skaters the questions you're dying to know!

Intro to Cosplay

If you're new to cosplay or thinking of starting, then this is the panel for you! We'll be discussing the basics of very basics of cosplay. We'll also be discussing our cosplay journeys.

Deculture! A Macross Panel

Take transformable robot fighter jets, add some pop idols and a good old fashioned love triangle and you've got the formula for Macross! Spanning 35 years Macross if the biggest anime franchise that you've probably never heard of! Curious to know what the fuss is all about or wondering why you've never heard of it? Join us to get decultured!

The Lazy Sunday Fashion Show

We all know how hard it is even putting on clothes Sunday after the dance Saturday night. But for those of you who managed to get into cosplay, no matter how thrown together, this is for you! Come show off your outfit on our stage and cheer on your friends. There will be judges- and they'll be judging completely on creativity! We have small prizes for the champions of the day as well!

Let Us Tell You About Homestuck

Do you want to talk about one of the longest works in the English language? Have a fan theory that won't leave you alone? Or a piece of the plot that still leaves you confused? Come talk about Homestuck with our knowledgeable panelists and see if we can teach you a thing or two!

The How-To-Panel Panel

Hosting a panel this weekend? Have you always dreamed of hosting your own? Or have you just wondered what it's like putting a panel together? Well, come hang out with FBStudios and we'll tell you all about our history and how we go about our panel process! Bring your questions and maybe a notebook as we dispel myths and rumors about the paneling life.

And I'll Form The Head: Netflix's Voltron

Voltron Legendary Defender has taken the internet by storm since its release. What makes this show so popular? Why do we love these characters so much? And what about the possibility of canonically queer characters? Come join us in this adventure through space as we talk about everything Voltron!

Five Guys, One Panel

Five Guys, One Panel consists of my friends and me playing D&D, making jokes and having a good time all around.

In-Character Contest

Test out your improv skill and ability to stay in character with the In Character Contest! Do you have what it takes to make it through all the rounds to be crowned Fan World's best in-character actor?! If you wish to enter just show up 10 minutes before the start and we will add you to the entry list.(Costumes are encouraged but not mandatory)

  • Round 1 - Participants will each be given 30 – 60 seconds to introduce their character and make an impression on the audience and judges.
  • Round 2 - The judges will randomly select a topic/scenario for each participant to react to in character for 60 – 90 seconds
  • Round 3 - To make it more challenging (and ridiculous) the audience will be asked to suggest topics for each contestant to act out.

Cosplay Pajama Jam

Grab your Kigu's and slippers and get ready to party into the night! Join us Thursday night at the Red Maple Inn for some good ol' slumber party fun! It is encouraged to come in pajama themed cosplay, but not necessary.

Yuri On Ice!!! Jeopardy

Hey guys, you think you know Yuri On Ice, well come on in and play Jeopardy!! We will have small prizes!

Fire Emblem Game Show

Come play the popular game where your knowledge of the hit video game RPG series, Fire Emblem, may get you prizes!

Wigs 101

Want to learn more about cosplay wigs from a pro? Join returning Featured Cosplayer, AkaneSaotome, to learn the basics on getting the look. just. Right.

Cosplaying in Germany

What're some differences to expect when cosplaying in Germany – and even Europe? Come join Featured Cosplayers Calssara and HaruVamp while they give a unique perspective and answer some questions about cosplay across the Atlantic!

Cosplay Posing with Calssara

Want to get that professional photoshoot look just perfect? Come learn from one of the world's greatest at getting the perfect look with cosplay photography!