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Casual Dragon Games has been working on games since 2011. With games like Island Dice, Zombie Sheep, and convention ‘meta game’ Monster Melee already on the market, CDG continues to create fun new games. A few upcoming games include BRYGs and Starship Deathtrap.

Starship Deathtrap – Stuck on a dying world, a handful of people take their only chance at survival, a junked space ship. All they need to do is keep it together and working to reach their new home. How hard can that be?

Black Dragon Games is a small independent developing game company out of Buffalo NY, which was founded in 2015. Black Dragon Games is focusing on games of all genre types but is currently geared towards fantasy and sci-fi. Gameplay encourages social table top experiences to bring everyone together - family, friends, and those you don't even know yet.

SKEPTICS, is a Ghost hunting game where one to four paranormal investigators try to convince and prove to the town skeptics that a ghost haunts a specific Environment. Roll dice to unlock doors and match symbols on the game board, which if successful, reveals clue cards. Each Clue card has to be solved which will lead one step closer to revealing the Ghost. Environment Cards are drawn every hour which may have hazards and conditions that will try to impede the player’s progress. Investigators have 6 hours to prove the Ghost exists and claim their evidence.

Broken Archer develops fun card games, board games, and books!

Broken Archer prides itself on fun, creative, and innovating adventures. Our games and books send people into a captivating world where things can be whatever you want them to be. Try and survive in a room with friends, immerse in a story filled with blood thirsty zombies, or just enjoy a few laughs with the people around you. Broken Archer aims at making life a little more fun.

Crosswinds Gaming presents their first game: The 12 Towers. The 12 Towers is an RPG board game for 2-6 players. The objective is to take control of all. Active Towers, and/or eliminate the opposing players. Players take the role of “Keepers”, powerful rulers that control a Tower, and its surrounding territory. Throughout the course of the game, Towers will be gained, lost, or even destroyed. Controlling Towers will involve combat, diplomacy, and teamwork. However, it may also involve treachery and deception.

In an industry saturated with gaming content of all types and styles, KinSoul Studio recognizes the importance of engaging storytelling and innovative design. Our team is determined to create games that not only challenge players with their mechanics, but also envelope players with our rich worlds and characters. KinSoul Studio will strive to make fresh, immersive, and ultimately fun games for players of all ages and to enrich the culture of gaming for generations to come.

Split Brain Games (SBG) is a tabletop game publishing company located in Western New York. The company develops and publishes games that combine the creative right brain with the strategic left brain. Founded in 2017 by Joel Colombo and Matthew Whelan, two lifelong friends who successfully built a multi-million dollar software company from the ground up. Taking Joel’s passion for hobby gaming combined with Matt’s extensive operational and business support, the team is poised to launch new and innovative games that engage players visually with strategic choices; creating fun and memorable experiences around the table. The company operates with their staff out of a 9,000 square foot headquarters and warehouse in Amherst, NY just ten minutes north of Buffalo.